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HEPATROX Premix Liver Stumilant + Toxin binder

Double Concentration for mold inhibitors and added to inhibit fungi growth and thereby to prevent further toxicity in feed along with, certain culture not only binds toxin, but changes its molecular structure.

Vitamin E especially added not only as a antioxidant but also prevent oxidation of liquid membrane. Non specific protein specially added to stimulate immunio inorbialatroy effect. Alon with certain salts lipotropic agents and other methyl atonors over comes liver dysfunction.

  • Recommend Heptotox premix to be throughly mixed with small quanity of feed ( 25 to 50 kg) before it is incorporated into rest of the feed
  • regular : 1 kg per ton of feed
  • Contaminated feed 2 to 3 kg per ton of feed or as directed by Advisor.

    Presentation 5 ltrs and 1 ltrs



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